Currently embarked on a quest to study and amuse others with stories through landscape and characters. The future holds many things for the semi-hermit, but you'll have to ask the wife what those things might be. Also beware the ferocious King Louie the guardian Shiba Inu. Who constantly gazes out upon his domain in search of subjects and dinner. While deep in the bluffs and valley if you listen closely you will hear his mighty scream. He's probably just hungry though. 

Now back to that hermit guy. He has long wavy hair, no wait.... Where are those glasses. That's better, that wavy hair isn't part of the hermit, that's a Rottweiler. Hold on let me check my notes. Ah yes here it is the hermit is more like a tall less round Friar Tuck. The hair is still working it's way off the scalp though. There is something odd about this hermit though, he sometimes goes out to sketch the locals from time to time. He even went to a play once. Seems like odd behavior for a hermit.